The Saltwater Candle Collection

The Saltwater Candle Collection



These all-natural soy candles are hand-poured in the heart of the OBX by Outer Banks Candle Company.  Each scent is paired with the perfect Saltwater Collection image to remind you of the Carolina coast every time you light it.  

Pineapple & Mint, "Dreamy Sunrise" - Sweet, tropical pineapple meets fresh green mint

Seagrass, "Sea Oats" - Earthy with a dash of salt air, you can almost feel the ocean breeze

Driftwood Vanilla, "Crystal Wave" - A perfect blend of fresh hardwoods, followed by soft notes of aged vanilla

Outer Banks Matchbox - Each matchbox showcases a map of the Outer Banks on one side and a beautiful watercolor rendition of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse on the other.  They contain sixty 4.5" long matches and are a fun little work of art from the Outer Banks!