The Story Behind Saltwater Collection

"Saltwater runs through my veins…"

Photo of me circa 1992 in Morehead City, North Carolina

Where do you feel most alive?

For me, I feel most at home when I’m by the sea.  The North Carolina coast has always had my heart.  There’s something magical and mysterious, yet always familiar, about the coastal Carolinas.  To breathe in the salty air while listening to the crashing waves and the seagulls serenade, is what makes my heart sing.

I remember childhood summers spent on the Pamlico sound - when fishing for croakers to cook for a family fish fry was considered a good day!  I remember the magic of seeing dolphins swimming underneath my Grandpa’s boat, as if they were coming by to say hello.  I remember swimming until the sun dipped below the horizon (it’s hard to beat the vibrant colors of a Carolina sunset), with the promise of another beautiful day to come.

When my feet touch the sand and feel the ocean’s embrace, I feel alive and full of wonder.  The beauty of God’s creation inspires me like nothing else can.  Capturing nature’s landscapes on film is the closest way I have found to convey just how incredible of a world we live in.  My Grandma Betty, who also happens to be one of my best friends, has always loved the ocean and photography.  She certainly instilled those same two passions in me!  After a decade of photographing weddings and portraits professionally, I’ve come to know the value of a photograph - and the impact that a single photo can make.

My hope is that these collections of images will inspire wanderlust in us all, from the shoreline of North Carolina and beyond.



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